*Completed form below required prior to every appointment booked*
NB: this is not an enquiry form

COVID-19 Safety Measures

Your health & safety is my top priority. I’ve always maintained the highest level of make-up kit hygiene and am taking extra precautions during the current pandemic in line with government regulations. I also have a BARBICIDE COVID -19 certification for Professional Beauty Industry training. 

Thank you for your understanding during this unusually difficult time! 

You’re kindly requested to:

  • Bring your own ear-loop face mask to wear while I do your eyes and brows. You may remove it while I do the rest of your face but please refrain from talking during this process. 
  • Wear your own robe/gown during your appointment, in place of our usual cape used to cover your clothes incase of product fallout
  • Provide a space with natural light and open windows / good ventillation for us to safely work in
  • If you’re displaying any of the below symptoms relating to COVID-19, you must inform me at least 24hrs  before your appointment to cancel/reschedule

      • Dry cough
      • Sore throat
      • Fever
      • Runny nose
      • Shortness of breath
      • Fatigue
      • Loss of taste / smell

Sanitation: Handwashing/sanitizing for both client and artist is mandatory before and after appointments. We reserve the right to refuse services if unsanitary conditions exist, and/or symptoms of contagious infections/illnesses are present. All our tools and products will be clean and sanitized. Melissa’s Make-up and representative artists will wear the appropriate PPE.

Social distancing: Sadly, no hugs when we greet 🙁 No guests may join clients during appointments. Number of guests in the make-up/hairstyling room must be kept to an absolute minimum and maintain the 1.5m social distancing guidelines, including keeping their masks on at all times in the room. No-one other than the client in the chair will be allowed within 2m around my work station. We reserve the right to request a separate room for artists to work in should guidelines not be adhered to.

Timing: The duration of your appointment may be a little longer than usual, so your patience is appreciated while we take a few minutes to disinfect our station and reset between clients. Please ensure the time schedule is strictly adhered to so we can finish on time. 

Tools & Products: Every make-up application will be done with a clean, disinfected set of brushes and disposables where possible (all non-disposable tools and make-up brushes will be washed with hot water and soap after each job, then sprayed with 70% alcohol). Products will be decanted as needed so as to avoid cross-contamination. Hair tools and products will also be sanitized between clients.

High-risk clients:  People 65+ years old and all who have serious underlying medical conditions might be at higher risk for severe illness from COVID-19. We urge such clients not to book with us during this time, for their own wellbeing.

    • Underlying medical conditions (not limited to the following):
      • Heart / Lung disease
      • Asthma
      • Heart conditions
      • Diabetes
      • Cancer treatment
      • Immunocompromised people

WAIVER OF LIABILITY: This agreement releases Melissa’s Make-up and its employees, agents or representatives from all liability relating to exposure, infection, and/or spread of COVID-19 related to utilising Melissa’s Make-up’s services and/or premises.

By agreeing to the below, I fully understand and agree to each statement above and release Melissa Wood and Melissa’s Make-up from any and all liability in the case of unintentional exposure or harm caused due to COVID-19. I freely and knowingly assume the risk and waive my rights concerning liability as described above: